Top Reasons You Should Invest In Law Firm SEO


Whether you offer your legal services in a small town or a large metropolitan area, you are probably already aware of the importance of having high rankings in local search engine results. Even though this may sound like a simple affair, law firm seo is a rather complex task, one that requires professional expertise and experience. Fortunately, there is a large number of SEO experts out there that mainly focus on providing lawyers and law firms with quality SEO services.

Now, if you are still hesitant about hiring these services, perhaps we can help you make up your mind by outlining some benefits of incorporating SEO in your law marketing strategy.

Local SEO delivers fast results

22mnlnlnWhen competing on an international or national level, getting good rankings in Google’s SERPs can take between 6 months and a whole year. On the other hand, local SEO produces much faster results. This is mainly because most lawyers simply don’t pay too much attention to local SEO. Also, many lawyers who are paying attention to it, fail to utilize it properly or tend to do so without professional aid.

Getting free traffic

By achieving high rankings in search engine results pages, you will be given a great opportunity of converting free online visitors into prospective clients. Given how SEO relies on the constant flow of free traffic, it’s no wonder how it can easily be one of your best and smartest marketing investments for your legal practice.

No more yellow pages

Not too long ago, people were mainly using the yellow pages so as to find reliable professional services. These days, when people look for legal, or pretty much any other services, they do so online. If internet users cannot find your website online, they will most certainly assume that your legal practice doesn’t even exist. If you need some convincing, just keep in mind that more than 25% of search queries are for local services and that almost 98% of consumers tend to search for businesses online. With all this in mind, you can easily see how critical it is to have a strong online presence.

Boosting your online exposure

33mgklrgIf you want to reach out to new clients, make your website more visible and generate more traffic, you simply need quality SEO services. Given how the vast majority of lawyers and law firms already utilize various search engine optimization techniques, you need it to keep your legal practice afloat. With a proper SEO strategy, the likelihood of attracting quality visitors and potential clients will rise dramatically. However, when it comes to achieving tangible results, you must resist the temptation of doing it on your own. Even though it is cheaper, the DIY approach is far inferior when compared to professional services. Yes, it will cost you to hire the professionals, but these costs will be certainly overshadowed by the long term gains.

Social bookmarking

Finally, you must also remember the impact social media can have. As your legal site becomes increasingly popular, more and more people will start bookmarking it. This way, your website and its content will frequently be shared between social media users, which can easily lead to a massive boost in your legal practice’s popularity.…

Why Every Business Needs A Website

There are many reasons why your business needs a website. A website gives a platform where you can interact with your target customers worldwide. In other terms website markets your product where you cannot reach your customers.

Reasons why you should have a business website

1. Helps your business gain credibility

f5eyrrtdrsIn today’s world, customers are using the internet to search the products and services they need. It is obvious that your small business will have credibility by having a website. You have to note due to technology advancement, if you don’t have a website, potential customers will automatically go to your competitors that have a website. Have a professionally designed website to give your business a professional appearance and image that will inspire and attract more potential customers.

2. It’s cheaper

Most of the small business owners think they can’t afford a professional website. Although designing website varies, it is worthy spending because of its benefits. Compared to other forms of advertising and marketing e.g. magazines, when considering the potential market that you can reach with a website, it becomes cheaper. Having a website is a cost effective way to support and promote your business. Simply, this is the cheapest way to advertise your business and upgrade your brand.

3. Easy to access

The reason as to why every business should have a website is its ability to be accessible. The website is available on a regular basis providing your customers with the convenience of visiting and reviewing your service and product day and night. Due to technology advancement, the lifestyles that people are living today, some don’t have time to go shopping since they are busy. In that case, a website is a great selling point when a customer or consumers are making decisions when and what to buy.

4. Time saving

It can be hectic to provide your consumers with information concerning your product e.g. on the phone, face to face, or emails. With a website, you can easily provide lots of information n to your customers where they can review the products.wderet5r6ytdsrd

5. Improves your customer relationship

Having a website creates a good relationship between your company and your customers. Your customers feel more appreciated because you can respond to their needs quickly. Customers can rely on your website in case they want to inquire more about your product. The website adds greater value to your business since you win your customer’s loyalty.…

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

There are so many benefits that come with social media business marketing. Social media has played a crucial role in marketing for various businesses. Almost every company use social networks as a marketing strategy, and so they use that opportunity. It is so easy for one to note that social media marketing is nowadays a key element for a successful business. Social media marketing has a potential of growing your company or business using its platform. Research shows that 96% of marketers are now using social media platforms to market their products.rtrytuhjgfd

Advantages of social media marketing to businesses

1. Brand awareness

One of the benefits of social media marketing is that it increases the awareness of your brand. Social media increases the visibility of your business all over the continent. It is no doubt that when you engage the social media as a marketing tool, it will open many doors for your business e.g. get employees, sponsors, and also potential partners. People will be able to relate more with your brand. Your brand will highly benefit from regular visits from customers, and this will generate a wider audience for your business. In conclusion, social media marketing creates your brand awareness.

2. Improves customer satisfaction

Social media creates a communication and networking platform. Creating a voice for your company through social media platforms is very important because it humanizes your company. Research shows that clients appreciate when they post their problems on your social media pages are acknowledged and receive a quick response. Being able to acknowledge all your consumer comments indicates that you are attentive and focused on addressing your customers’ needs.

3. Improves the loyalty of your brand

ertyyfdfsEvery business owner wants to create a loyal customer base. One needs to acknowledge that customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand in business. It is advisable that you should engage more with your customers and hear out their views concerning your product. Social media creates that platform where customers use these channels to communicate with the business directly, thus creating a strong bond between the customer and the business. Business should use social media platforms to get attention from influential customers and create brand loyalty.

4. Cost effective

Social media marketing saves a lot of money compared to other modes of marketing. A social media platform offers advanced and affordable marketing platforms that you can use to reach to your target customers.…

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About Pamela

 Pamela Erens’s novel, The Understory, will be published by Ironweed Press in September 2007. The novel was the winner of the Ironweed Press Fiction Prize. Pamela’s short fiction has appeared in Chicago Review, Boston Review, The Literary Review, and Bellingham Review, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Other stories are forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, upstreet, Skidrow Penthouse, and the anthology Precious Time (Press 53). Pamela is the recipient of two New Jersey State Council on the Arts fellowships in fiction, most recently for 2007.


Pamela has also published poetry, literary essays, articles, and book reviews in a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, New York Newsday, Glamour, O: The Oprah Magazine, Michigan Quarterly Review, New England Review, Ms.,and Mother Jones. A longtime editor at magazines including Glamour and 7 Days, she has won national awards for both her editing and her journalism.…